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Pvcomputers is primarily a support platform for providing video and written content to help people with computers. We have been helping people with computers since 2004 by using a number of ways to help and educate people about computers.

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What We Do?


We help educate and teach people about various computer topics. We can provide refreshers on something you already learned or teach something new.


Love Computer Games? We Do! We will entertain you with many hours of game-play footage of various computers games.

Community Minded

We have a community forum that allows others to help others with computer related questions and problems.


Like to know which software is best for you? We have some software reviews that can help that you can watch at your leisure.

Written Material

Rather read something than watching a video? No problem! We have tons of written material that you can read at your leisure.

Video Tutorials

Rather watch a video than reading a user manual? No Problem! We have tons of useful tutorial videos you can watch at your leisure.

Tool Box

Need Some Tools? Our Tool Box can help. We have a bunch of useful links and free online services you can use to help you find solutions to your computer related problems

Call For Help

Need Help? Need to talk to a real person? No Problem! You can VOIP call us by using using Skype. Just call "Pvcomputers" on Skype


Need Help? Need Advice? No Problem! We have a number of ways and solutions that we can help you with your computer related problems.

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Active Directory How To: Move A Shared Folder

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29/04/2016 08:00 am

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